The teleconference guide

The advantages of teleconferencing

Telephone conferencing saves a lot of traveling time

The following advantages make more and more people decide to use teleconferencing:

  • Loose no more traveling time
  • Save on traveling and location expenses
  • Teleconferencing can be done anywhere: at home, on the road, at the office and in foreign countries
  • Simple to organize, i.e. for ad hoc and emergency consultations
  • conference calls usually are shorter and more efficient

Teleconferencing saves traveling time and costs. A conference room is not required. Short meetings can be scheduled more often. As a result people are better involved. Since joining a conference call can be done from any place they are easier to plan than physical meetings.

Research has shown that teleconferences generally run more efficiently (decisions are taken more easy) and are shorter than physical meetings. Apparently conference calling force to more structure than a conference room...

And not to forget: the environment!

Did you know that you can quickly save 90 kg of CO2 emission for each teleconference? For a meeting every two weeks this adds up to 1800 kg per year. Equivalent to the emissions of a townhouse!